How Virtualisation Revolutionised Server Infrastructure


Physical in-house IT infrastructure is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The days of buying and managing an internal IT stack no longer make sense for a whole host of reasons. With the evolution of cloud computing, mobile technology uptake and real-time data dependencies, the adoption of server virtualisation – exampled here – has become a game changer for innovative businesses. In

Top Reasons to Study Abroad


Are you heading off to university soon? Or are you already there, studying hard and working towards your degree? Or are you even thinking about going back to school for a masters degree? No matter what your educational status, you can always take the option to study abroad. It’s an opportunity that can change your life forever. Whether you’re going

New Media Innovation: The Simple Beauty and Function of Textbooks on iPads

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.15.41 PM

The iPad has improved the education system by ushering in a new era of interactive textbooks. Some of the benefits of the free iBooks application that allows textbooks on iPad are consolidating all of a student’s books on one platform, reducing the weight students must carry around and cutting the costs of books. These advantages help publishers, teachers and students and

Google Glass and the Classroom

google glass in action

Google Glass is an innovative new wearable technology that has captured the imagination of people all over the world. As of yet, functionality is still fairly basic, but with expected improvements to the integration of Glass with many of Google’s popular productivity apps, as well as the opening up of development to third party app makers, there is no telling

Building an International Business

Building an International Business 2

Companies in the UK and continental Europe have a distinct advantage over those in other parts of the world when it comes to spreading their influence to new markets. The interconnectedness of the European Union and other international organizations designed to further trade and commerce between European states offer a unique path for enterprising businesses to grow and access entirely

Settling in Scotland

Settling in Scotland 1

Moving internationally is an exciting prospect for anyone. The idea of a fresh start in a new place, full of new experiences, is an incredibly exciting one. You don’t have to go far to capture that, though—even just moving to a different part of the good old UK is enough to open up totally new worlds. More and more people

Grand Theft Auto on PSP: Brrrrrmmm

GTA psp

First launched to the gaming public way back in 1997, the controversial but always thrilling Grand Theft Auto series of games has enjoyed a remarkable longevity in the notoriously fickle gaming world. Developed by Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is not just one of the most commercially successful game series of all time but has also won much