Use technology to create memorable training and events


Trying to create a memorable training event can leave you feeling as though you’ve got lots of balls in the air and no hands to catch them with.

In your mind you have a rough idea of what it should be like, but each time you think you’ve got it mastered something else that needs to be included pops up and you’re plunged back to square one.

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It’s not surprising the experience can feel overwhelming but you need not suffer alone.

The simplest way to create a training session that will be remembered is to opt for a purpose built venue that gives you access to a team of experts to guide you through the process, great facilities and state of the art technology.

This sounds harder than it is (for great training facilities click here) but once you understand each component, it’s really quite simple.

Nonetheless, event organisers often stumble when it comes to properly utilising technology. However, if you want to dazzle at your event and ensure the proper development of staff, you need to get a grasp of it. In fact, it is arguably the lynchpin of a successful event in the modern age.

Why technology?

To help create a training event that will be remembered, technology needs to be part of the experience.

People across the globe now expect a greater connectivity at all times and modern devices can make sessions more interactive and real-time applicable.

What’s more, poor quality and slow equipment will only frustrate attendees and harm the learning experience.

How can you use it?

Technology means training is no longer static, so when trying to integrate devices into your session you need to remember this. Look beyond the delivery of a simple presentation and think about e-learning and more interactive options.

A great way to make your session engaging is to ensure attendees are enabled with a device. This means you can then run activities via a portal or get individuals/groups to present their work to others.

You can also make sessions more collaborative and efficient by hosting relevant documents in one place.

Video is another great way to communicate information and grab attention. It also helps people to visualise strategies, theories or actions included in the session.

Ultimately, you need to think about the options available to you, how they support the session and how they will be used by attendees.

To maximise the potential of technology, you’ll need access to a high definition short throw projector, wireless presentation technology to transmit training via your own personal device,
blu-ray player and plasma screens.

Securing success

If you want to ensure your session is remembered for the right reasons, you’ll need a strategy for deploying and managing this technology.

An all inclusive training facility will often offer a bespoke technology strategy and an onsite technical team to manage your needs and any difficulties that may occur.

This means that if any devices break down you’ll be covered. After all, technical glitches will damage training and the day for you and attendees.

A part of the puzzle

Of course, technology is just one part of a successful training session – albeit an important one.

Getting the right venue to support all of your devices is integral and you’ll want to ensure you have a purpose-built site that comes equipped with everything you’ll need.

Not only does this save you the hassle of transporting technology yourself, it gives you constant support and peace of mind.

However, you need to remember that training is likely to fall far of the mark if attendees aren’t catered for in other areas.

Be sure your venue is equipped with other facilities, such as catering, bars, restaurants, Wi-Fi, ample parking, accommodation, gym and spa. These will help you deliver a well-rounded event that is sure to be memorable.