Understanding Software Licenses

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As good as any apple device or platform is, you still may often need to rely on software. No matter how good your operating system is, it’s the right choice of software that ensures you can do what you need to.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.09.14 AM

To this end, it’s important to have a way to protect your software. If you use it professionally, for instance, the software you use is a big investment. If it fails to work, your whole method of working is affected. As such, there are means to help better protect yourself from this or insure yourself against the worst should it happen.


This applies to both first and third party software, so always bear this in mind when there are certain products you rely on. Apple products are, of course, known in media circles for coming with a range of industrial media editing products available. These are both first and third party, offering a perfect example of software which might need to be protected with escrow agreements. It’s an extra layer of security that many find comforting.


License Disagreements


One of the major areas where this can be useful is when you come into a disagreement with the software provider over the user agreement. This is what you agree to when you first ‘buy’ the software or, more accurately, acquire a licence. As such, when problems arise it can be difficult for you to actually do anything.


Typically, this is where the software isn’t working to the standard it should be. If the software has some inherent flaw or problem, it’s up to the provider to resolve the issue. You can’t, since you only have a licence.


Escrow can’t resolve the problem, but it can be used to settle disputes regarding it. Using service providers in escrow offers a third party with a neutral view point. These providers can acquire the software and verify it, as well awarding you any access to the source or other areas you’re deemed legally entitled to.


More than that, however, is the simple level of trust that it can create. As an end user, you know there are other means to resolve the issue should something ever happen, yet it also shows how serious the provider is about maintaining the quality of their product. As a developer or provider, of course, this helps show customers your commitment to providing a working product.