Top Reasons to Study Abroad


Are you heading off to university soon? Or are you already there, studying hard and working towards your degree? Or are you even thinking about going back to school for a masters degree? No matter what your educational status, you can always take the option to study abroad. It’s an opportunity that can change your life forever. Whether you’re going for one of the popular computer science degrees or a degree in English or psychology, studying abroad can open your mind and heart to people and experiences you’ll never forget. Here are a few reasons to take the leap:


Improve your Professional Potential

Gone are the days where one stable job is what looks best on a resume. Employers love people who can bring something new to the table, and international experience is just that. If you’ve studied abroad, you probably have some unique skills that put you above someone who’s never left their home country.

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Broaden your Horizons

It’s undoubtedly a fun life at your home university, but just think how much your horizons could be expanded by spending a semester or year in a foreign country. You’ll experience the things you only read in books back at home, and learn about foreign people and cultures firsthand. You’ll begin to understand the world in a completely different way than you ever did before.

Gain New Perspectives and Insights

When we’re immersed solely in one country, we tend to have a limited view of the world, especially if it’s the country we were born in. It’s only natural; we’re bombarded by media and our own society imposing its views of the world. Getting away from home helps you gain an entirely new perspective on the world. You’ll also make deep friendships with other travelers and gain insights you never might have otherwise.

Learn a Language

Why sit in a college classroom for 4 years trying to learn French when you could move to Paris for a year and become fluent? The fact is, immersion in a foreign language is the best way to learn it properly, so take this opportunity to broaden your skills! The added bonus is that you’ll be immersed in the culture as well, so you can practice your vocabulary with locals between bites of brie and baguette.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Traveling helps you see that education doesn’t end outside the classroom. In fact, you might find that your most educational years are those spent abroad. If you travel with an open mind, you’ll see opportunities to expand yourself wherever you go. Traveling is a way to keep learning and growing throughout your entire life, a skill you will undoubtedly find valuable for years to come.