The Future of Real Money Online Gaming as Seen by Microgaming’s CEO


All the innovation you are hearing about when manufacturers present their new gadgets – smartphones, tablets, pocket-sized computers or smartwatches – all users say are cool things to do with their portable entertainment devices. Which is OK, as many of these innovative features are built for entertainment, and as incentives for users to buy them. But there is another category of individuals that look at these innovative features from a completely different point of view: service providers who can build features on top of these innovations introduced by manufacturers. Today I will take a look at how Roger Raatgever, CEO of Isle of Man based gaming developer Microgaming, sees the innovation and the future.

One of the most exciting innovations in the last few years is the revival of virtual reality headsets – they had a short lived incursion back in the late 1990s – early 2000s, but technology was not sophisticated enough back then to make them a real success. Today displays have become light enough, and sensors sensitive enough to allow to build the best possible virtual reality experience. And gaming companies are using the new technology to its best to offer the most useful slots tips and hints at Euro Palace. “We developed an online slot for the Oculus Rift VR and Google Cardboard headsets. The 360-degree view and interactive elements delivered an immersive experience like no other! This year we took our Oculus Rift offering to the next level,” Raatgever writes in an article published in Business Reporter.

Another hyped innovation is the smart watch. Launched last year, the gadget has gained most of its notoriety this year, when Apple launched its own version of the gadget, the Apple Watch, which sold like hot cakes. Apple’s platform is a bit too closed for Microgaming, it seems, but Google’s Android Wear is not. “We also developed the industry‚Äôs first fully-functional five-reel slot for the Samsung Gear smartwatch. Most recently we have launched our popular Thunderstruck slot game, overcoming industry challenges such as platform type, form factor and screen size, for Android Wear. We hope to have Thunderstruck up and running on Apple Watches too,” Raatgever writes. The game has already gone live through some of Microgaming’s partners – we are waiting for the first reviews to arrive.

“The wearable technology market might be in its early adopter phase right now, but the market is growing rapidly,” Raatgever considers. But he also expects the wearable market to expand rapidly and become mainstream. His company is prepared to explore the new ways it offers. “We may not be able to place a date and time on this, but one thing we can be certain of is that there are a host of new devices and platforms on the way. The gaming world must adapt to technological change, and you can count on us to be ahead of the curve!”