Settling in Scotland

Settling in Scotland 1

Moving internationally is an exciting prospect for anyone. The idea of a fresh start in a new place, full of new experiences, is an incredibly exciting one. You don’t have to go far to capture that, though—even just moving to a different part of the good old UK is enough to open up totally new worlds. More and more people are discovering the many appeals of living in Scotland over England, the US, or other Western countries.

Settling in Scotland 1

One of the most attractive aspects of the country is its raw natural beauty. The Scottish government has implemented a highly successful green tourism business scheme that heavily incentivizes protecting the natural environment. The result? Scotland’s green spaces are better protected than almost any other industrialized nation’s, and there are endless areas to explore.

Edinburgh is one of the world’s great finances capitols. It is home to the Bank of Scotland, the one of the UK’s oldest and best-respected banks. Many international corporations call Glasgow or Edinburgh home, and the local economy remains remarkably strong. Contrary to what many believe, Scotland’s economy has continued to grow while other UK economies shrink, and it contributes more relative to population than any other member state.

The culture is also evolving. While many poke fun at traditional cuisine like haggis and black pudding, a new generation of chefs is revolutionizing local, seasonal, fresh foods featuring ingredients like venison, salmon, and (of course) whiskey. On that subject, the whiskey industry is undergoing massive changes as worldwide demand in markets like Japan, Spain, and France increases. The old traditions are still adhered to, but modern equipment, practices, and new flairs are being added all the time. Scottish music (often fueled by the same whiskey) is seeing a revival, as young performers incorporate new instrumentation and styles with traditional instruments, creating a fusion of old and new that is heard in pubs across the country.

Moving here can provide a wealth of new opportunities for business, pleasure, and overall lifestyle. If you’re looking for a change but don’t want to move too far from home, it is definitely a worthwhile place to consider.  It might just be the best decision you ever make.