Reasons I Loved Visiting Antarctica (and why you should too)

striped ice

It is hard to describe one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the entire earth in a simple blog post (I have used a picture to give you a little bit of a taste though). But to sum it up, it is the most beautiful, the harshest and also probably the most expensive (Antarctica cruise prices are high but worth it) that you have ever been to. It is, however, worth it and I wanted to talk about what I loved about having visited there, so sit back, relax, enjoy and read on to find out more.

The most amazing sights and scenery possible

To be perfectly honest, once you go to Antarctica you will never look at a holiday destination the same way ever again. You can pretty much erase all your past memories of what you thought was the most beautiful sight, because Antarctica is 100%  going to be it going forward. I have been to some great places, but of course Antarctica takes the cake with the endless view of ice, the astonishingly large icebergs, mountains and glaciers.

The animals

There are so many penguins, it is almost like living with them. I think they are just incredible creatures, especially given how curious and unafraid of humans they are. This is so unusual for any wild animal that does not have a huge amount of exposure to humans, and even those that do are usually quite scared. They are also quite playful and love to frolic around all day long, which will be one of my fondest memories of Antarctica for sure.

Of course there are also many different other types of birds, seals and many kinds of whale.

Bragging rights

It may sound a little silly, but going on a trip to Antarctica is the ultimate bragging right. Of course you would never go through hardship as the famous Antarctic explorers, like Mawson or Scott, but the point is that if you stand in any given room I doubt you will find anybody that has ever been to Antarctica. Of course someone has bound to have been to South America, but you can say you did both in one trip. How good is that!

The cruise ship

It is quite funny, because Antarctica is definitely not a budget holiday destination and Antarctica cruise prices are not cheap, but it is actually quite a comfortable experience when you are enjoying your free time in the ship, despite the obvious harsh weather conditions. I really enjoyed all the facilities of the cruise ship that I was on and really felt quite comfortable there. My ship even had a gym and bar! I really enjoyed the food too, this is just another part of what makes cruises in Antarctica great. I suppose that with such few operators, they need to compete fiercely with one another, which can only mean good things for your next trip there!

There is nobody

I can think of many great places on earth where you can visit and experience immense beauty, but I can’t think of a place where you can enjoy this . Of course, places like the Empire State Building,  Colosseum or Trevi Fountain are amazing in their own right, but the reality is that you have to experience them with hundreds of other people. This can be a bit stressful at the best of times, but this is a stark contrast to Antarctica, where there is literally nobody around. In fact, you couldn’t be further from civilisation! The beauty and peaceful serenity of Antarctica is something that I will never forget.