Grand Theft Auto on PSP: Brrrrrmmm

GTA psp

First launched to the gaming public way back in 1997, the controversial but always thrilling Grand Theft Auto series of games has enjoyed a remarkable longevity in the notoriously fickle gaming world. Developed by Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is not just one of the most commercially successful game series of all time but has also won much critical acclaim, picking up many industry awards along the way.

GTA psp

The list of formats for which the Grand Theft Auto games have been released is a lengthy one. First appearing on the PC and PS1, subsequent games have popped up on the PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Dreamcast and the Game Boy to name just a few. Sony’s excellent handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Portable (or PSP for short), is another format which has achieved success with the Grand Theft Auto series.


Liberty City Stories 

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was the first entry in the series to be released on the PSP, becoming an instant hit on the format in 2005. A prequel to Grand Theft Auto 2, Liberty City Stories, as with all of the series, features an open-world format with much freedom afforded to players to explore their surroundings. One of the most appealing aspects of the game as far as the PSP is concerned is the multi-player mode, when up to six players can compete via wireless game technology. Liberty City Stories also benefits from being huge. There are a myriad of different missions which can be completed and to fully finish the game takes a very long time indeed. Taking full advantage of the impressive capabilities of the PSP, Liberty City Stories is very high quality and represented excellent value for money right from its first day on sale.


Vice City Stories

Set in Miami, Florida, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories was released in 2006 and was the second instalment of GTA on the PSP. Winning an award for Best Handheld Game of the Year, Vice City Stories once again for a GTA game was the recipient of positive critical and consumer reviews for its involving and multi-layered gameplay. As with its predecessor on the PSP, a player can compete with up to five others via wireless multi-player gaming. So enthused were players with Vice City Stories, many were happy to sell PSP games in their collection to raise funds to purchase it.


Chinatown Wars

The third and so far final GTA instalment on the PSP was released in 2009 and was entitled Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Perhaps not surprisingly, the reviews for Chinatown Wars were hugely positive. Indeed, the game is still one of the best-rated on the PSP today, four years after its initial release.

For involving gameplay, exciting missions, great characters and a whole lot of controversy, the Grand Theft Auto series of games for the PSP are hard to beat. Most games which court controversy do not have many other qualities going for them but Grand Theft Auto is most definitely an exception to that rule.