Trekking Mountain Gorillas Is Not Dangerous Like It Has Been Previously Thought

Many wildlife enthusiasts adventuring into the African wilderness are typically looking for pleasure out of their trips as well as safety of their lives is always a first priority before participating in any of the activities on their itineraries. The Tanzanian or south African big five mammals and fierce African predators including lions, leopards and hyenas, the heart stopping bungee

The Future of Real Money Online Gaming as Seen by Microgaming’s CEO


All the innovation you are hearing about when manufacturers present their new gadgets – smartphones, tablets, pocket-sized computers or smartwatches – all users say are cool things to do with their portable entertainment devices. Which is OK, as many of these innovative features are built for entertainment, and as incentives for users to buy them. But there is another category

Technology and Investment in Africa


In the past few years, the world has seen Africa growing exponentially in the areas of science and technology. This is now a continent filled with the potential to provide the world with many innovations and bright young minds. Increasingly, Africa is becoming a key player in the world when it comes to innovating on key problems and using experts

How Virtualisation Revolutionised Server Infrastructure


Physical in-house IT infrastructure is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The days of buying and managing an internal IT stack no longer make sense for a whole host of reasons. With the evolution of cloud computing, mobile technology uptake and real-time data dependencies, the adoption of server virtualisation – exampled here – has become a game changer for innovative businesses. In