11 Key Points to Aid Website Conversions


Website conversions are the most important thing for an e-commerce business, if a business does not make sales it will not survive. There are various companies that can assist with website conversions, such as Cloud IQ, however the following points must help you on your way as a base start.

  • Make your website simple

If your website is simple it is more likely that people will find what they want and go through the checkout process quickly.

  • No barriers

Ensure that when checking out your customer is not distracted by things like customer surveys, which generally wouldn’t even be relevant at that point.

  • Guest Checkout

It is annoying to be forced to register for websites if you don’t want to and this is a great deterrence for many potential customers that causes abandonment of their carts, it is ideal to provide an option to register or checkout as a guest to give freedom and flexibility.

  • Enclose the checkout

Your checkout should be minimalistic and show only the relevant information, do not provide unnecessary links to more products as this will just distract the customer and hurt your conversions.

  • Display shipping

Ensure that your shipping information is clear or provide a shipping calculator, this is important as customer are likely to abandon their baskets if they find shipping is too high at the end of the checkout process.

  • Provide a range of payment methods

This is important as many people are using alternative payment methods due to their security and peace of mind.

  • Show progress of the checkout

Show the next stages of the checkout so the customer knows what to expect next and awareness of progress is important here.

  • Ensure easy adding and removal to your basket

Customer should be able to add and take things out of their basket with ease.

  • Drop down carts

This is a great way to show your customer what is in their cart whilst they are browsing other aspects of the website other than checkout.

  • Open costs

Costs need to be clear from the very beginning, customers will be less likely to buy from you if they discover hidden costs at the end of the checkout process, so it is important to disclose these as soon as possible.

  • Make forms shorter

If forms are long or confusing people will be less likely to fill them out and will be less likely to buy from your website.