10 Ways to Make Your PC Run Faster


Is your PC running deathly slow? Do you have things to do, but can’t get them done thanks to your PC running at a snail’s pace? This can be very frustrating, and I think we’ve all been there at some point. However, there’s no need to rip your hair out as you wait ages for it to respond. Try the following 10 techniques and you might find your PC runs faster.


  1. Update Your Operating System


How long ago did you update your operating system? This could be the thing slowing your PC down. We all get those reminder messages, but many of them ask to be reminded again the next day as they can inconvenience what we’re doing at that time. It’s a vicious cycle! Getting it done as soon as you get a reminder will make sure your PC runs faster.


  1. Buy More Memory

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It’s always best to leave some memory spare in your computer. However, if you’ve got many programs and other things installed on your computer, you may need to buy more memory. You can then install as many more programs as you need without using up too much of the computer’s memory.



  1. Get Rid of Viruses


Could your PC have a virus? Some are more subtle than others, while some are very aggressive. There are viruses out there that can make your computer run very slowly. Try restoring your computer to an earlier date or cleaning the viruses out.


  1. Keep Antivirus Software Updated


Just because your antivirus software worked well at one time, doesn’t mean it does now. All software like this needs updating, so don’t neglect to do yours.


  1. Keep Some Memory Free


Although you may have bought more memory as mentioned earlier, make an effort to keep some of your memory free.


  1. Delete Programs You Don’t Use


You’ve probably got multiple programs on your PC that you don’t even use anymore. Uninstall them completely to ensure that they aren’t taking up unnecessary space.


  1. Install Suitable Cleaning Software


Sometimes, all your computer needs is a good clean with some suitable cleaning software. The software you use needs to match your PC, so make sure you don’t just go out and buy any old program. If you have a Mac, you should check out a review of cleanmymac2.


  1. Run a Disk Clean Up


Many computers come with the option to run a disk clean up. A disk cleanup will get rid of any large files on your PC that don’t need to be stored, such as temporary files.


  1. Get Rid of Dust


As well as cleaning your computer from the inside, clean it on the outside too. Dust on the outside of your computer can seriously affect the way it runs, so don’t hesitate getting a mini vacuum on there to suck out all of the dust. Just make sure your computer has been switched off for a while first.


  1. Clear Your Cache


Perhaps your internet is running slowly? It could be a simple need to clear your cache!


Have these methods helped you? Let us know!


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